Skype Sessions

Skype Sessions allow actors to work personally with Daniel without having to travel. Skype Sessions are private sessions offered via the Skype Video Calling

service. For information on this service please visit:


 How can a Skype Session help me?

Audition Preparation - I want to work on sides right away and devote travel time to preparing for the audition. 

Monologue Work - I have been working on a monologue and want to keep my chops and skills fresh

In Depth Scene Study - I would like to gain a deeper understanding of a particular scene and the relationships of each character in my scene.

Fits My Schedule - I can get training and/or feedback on my work when it fits my schedule; schedule sessions when it's convenient for you.

Flexibility - I can get training as often as I would like and where ever I may be at that time.

Location - I can't make it to private or semi-private sessions and I want to keep working; classes are too far away.

Personal - I can receive private performance critique as well as one on one personal training.

Script Breakdown - I have a specific piece of material and would like to receive coaching to break it down thoroughly. 

Tailored - I choose the area of instruction for my skype session. 
Turnaround - I receive quicker access to coaching get training the same day you request it. (subject to availability).



What do I need to have set up on my computer or phone to use Skype?

Please follow this link to see what you need to do to install Skype:

How much do Skype sessions cost?

Skype Sessions are $41.50 per hour, paid only through the PayPal link.
You can use your credit card without having to have a PayPal account.


To register for a Skype Session: click here