Evaluations are held in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Mandeville by appointment.  The purpose of an Evaluation is to conduct a baseline assessment of an actor's current level and strengths. Evaluations are not 

auditions although actors are asked to behave as if they are so that Daniel can see how they approach the audition process and how they respond to notes given by casting directors. 


Evaluations take approximately 15-30 minutes and are conducted as close as possible to a real casting session.

Each actor should bring 2 head shots - one commercial and one theatrical if available

Each actor should bring a resume if available

At an Evaluation the actor will be given sides to read on camera -- a cold reading.  Seeing an actor do a cold reading gives insight into raw instincts.  Actors will also be asked to consider preparing a very short piece of material to perform. It can be any type of content from a commercial to a classic play. This approach is to effectively see the difference to performing familiar material compared to performing something an actor has never seen.  For children ages 5 to 7 years, a line or two would be great, or even a short song.

After the Evaluation Daniel will provide feedback and will discuss how further training may be beneficial and at what level

The cost of an evaluation is $25.00.

To register for an Evaluation: - click here