Career Consultation

Daniel offers his years of experience to help artists navigate this somewhat unpredictable business. A career consultation is a very focused look at an actor's current plan 

to achieve and maintain a successful vocation in the movie business. There are many factors that must be considered and often times the relationship between these factors is what expedites success.

Daniel uses his many years of experience to evaluate all of the current choices of the actor's strategy, and then helps to formulate a specific and unique plan for the actor to reach their objective. 



Some of the things considered:

Representation - Agent and Manager - are they currently right for the actor.

Unions  - when is it time to join.

Headshots - are they the best ones possible, when to get more and with whom.

Resume - what should be on it and what should not.

Acting Classes - who is the best coach for this actor.

Plays and Theater -  should the actor be doing plays and live performances.

Demo Reels and Clips - when and how to put them together.

Online Presence - is Actor's Access enough and when to broaden the actor's  reach online.

Kids - Keeping the business of your child's talent safe and secure.

The most important - Daniel's evaluation of the actor's work itself.


Consultations can be done live or via Skype so please contact us for pricing.


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