Audition Video Taping

Video auditions and video clips of scene work have become an integral part of the film business and a standard because of technology and computers. Just like the headshot, video is now requested by casting.
As an actor, it is critical that the execution and quality of video auditions be considered extremely important. Videotaped submissions must be of the caliber that professional casting people are accustomed to seeing.

Actors are now able to be seen miles away from the actual casting office any time of the day or night. Videotaped auditions also assist productions of all budget levels to be able to view submissions online because they can view many of them concurrently, and thus see more talent. That being said, if you do submit a tape for an audition, you must insure that the quality of the lighting, sound, set, and work, is at the best level possible. Daniel uses professional audio and video equipment as well as professional post production tools to ensure that taped auditions do justice to both the actor as well as the material. Submitting tapes that are poor quality and have distractions will certainly affect the actor's chance of being cast. Casting puts forth alot of effort, time, and money to find actors they want to work with, so be respectful of that and only send in great work.
Daniel also offers coaching while taping which has proven to be invaluable to submitting a great audition.

Cost - $60 per hour ($40 minimum) and covers coaching, taping with a professional reader, editing, color correcting, and posting online.
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