Audition Preparation

Auditions are job interviews for actors. Because there are a great number of people being considered for roles, Daniel's Audition Preparation helps actors understand the process, know what to expect, and how to prepare for an audition. The larger the role, the more there is at stake. And it's widely known that actors who are currently working, work more in the future.
In the past decade the casting and talent submission process has changed dramatically. 

Talent Agencies now use websites to submit their talent to Casting Directors. Casting websites are now the industry standard and are widely used.Two of the most common casting websites are Agency Pro and Breakdown Services' - Actor's Access. Breakdown Services in particular gives actors their own web space to post a resume and reel making the process more fluid for agencies and casting. Breakdown's Actor's Access also allows an actor to self-submit for projects.
A career in acting is very competitive. It has become even moreso now that productions are taking place in many new markets. The once smaller markets in the southeast, for example Atlanta and New Orleans, have become very active and are attracting experienced talent. Seasoned actors from Los Angeles and larger markets are now traveling to smaller markets to work making every audition extremely important and very competitive. It is a must for actors to understand the material they are being asked to perform and to go into every audition prepared and with confidence.
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