Daniel Dupont

Daniel Dupont

Daniel Dupont grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He started performing early in life and remembers his first public audience performace of magic whle still in elementary school. Magic was dicovered as his first love while on a vacation to Disney World. He entered the small magic shop on Main St. and would not leave. Hours later, the rest of the family was seeing the park, riding rides, and Daniel was watching and learning magic tricks. In a brilliant move to save the vacation, Daniel's father purchased some of the tricks so he could take them home and learn them there. After a few years that love was overcome by a brand new Epiphone electric guitar, which he received as a christmas gift. That love still remains strong to this day. Daniel immediately started writing songs, and by 16, wrote all of the music for his band's first record. Playing music was becomming a very integral part of his life, but when a friend suggested he take an acting class to make him better on stage, he agreed. That would become the most permanent self-defining decision is his life. He learned as much as he could about the craft, reading books, watching movies, and writing. Even though there were no real opprtunities close to home that would give him a chance to see if he could ever make it into a movie, he persevered. He just wanted to work at it. He would say yes to whatever job came his way. From an Andrew DIce Clay impersonator to the front half of a cow for a dairy convention- he just said yes. All his way through college he worked on anything and everything, wheather it paid or not. He got his first big "break" as the lead of a national Levi's 501 campaign which led to several other nationals such as McDonald's, Sprite, Honda, Budweiser, to name a few. After working for years in only commercials, in 1986 Daniel got a phone call from his agent, a pay phone in the lobby of the seafood resturant he was working in, and this call changed everything. He was cast in Carroll O’Conner’s modern version of the television episodic, “In the Heat of the Night”. Working with these successful and brilliant actors, Daniel recognized immediately that to be a successful actor, on going training is required and expected.  As soon as he saved enough money, he moved with his dog to Los Angeles, where he began studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts,  Los Angeles then in Pasadena. After finishing there, he decided to follow the advice of actor Michael Biehn who told Daniel that he needed a private coach. He took the advice and sought out the best coaches he could find. Daniel knew that training with the right coach was critical, having earned his black belt in Tang Soo Do when he was 13 from legand Robert Torres. So training became his focus. He went on to study with credited acting coaches Larry Moss, Tom Todoroff, Dennis Erdman and Richard Brander.

Daniel was just starting to book lead roles in features when catastrophe struck. On April 9th,1997, Wednesday 11:47pm, while coming home from work on his motorcycle, he was rear ended by a drunk driver. He did survive the accident, but it left him with life long disabilities that he still deals with on a daily basis.

Daniel returned home to Louisiana in 2010 to be near his parents as they are in their twilight years. So, he put everything on hold in LA to spend some time reacquainting himself with the "much different" home town he grew up in. In a short time, Daniel was utilized by agencies to evaluate their talent and give them the much needed feedback necessary to effectively help their talent get more bookings. He soon recognized the benifit for local actors to receive the type of training that New York and Los Anglels casting directors expect to see from professional actors. He immediately began offering classes, workshops, and private coaching stating, "I really wish something like that was available to me here in Louisiana when I was younger."

In addition to acting, Daniel has experience directing, producing, writing and casting for features and television, Daniel is also a musician and has composed and edited music for film and television.

It is through his broad range of experience that he developed the expertise to lead actors to find their full potential as artists and help ground them for a professional career.


Other Industry Experience

Director, Producer, Writer, Casting Camera
 Film Distribution
and Sales
 Music Editor
and Composer
Features and Television.   Features and Televison   Pitched films, treatments, and negative pickups at the Cannes Film Festival, Paris and Los Angeles.   Created, recorded, mixed, and arranged music for films, TV shows, websites, and voice over reels. Wrote original song for a movie and actually sang the song in the movie. He eventually performed it live at Madison Square Garden.
Visual Effects   1st AD   Post Production Supervisor at C3D Television   Screenwriter
Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Hollywood, CA and worked on many projects in both stereoscopic/geometric 3D and standard 2D.   Film, Television Shows, and Commercials   The world's first 3D (stereoscopic) Broadcast TV Network where he created the trademarked z3D process for converting 2D movies into 3D.   Sold screenplay - registered at WGA - "The Lost Buccaneers" as well as written and collaborated on many more including several with Vance Degeneres.
Created and developed the zDVD™   Live Radio DJ   Professional Editor/Teacher of Final Cut Pro   Director of Network Operations - Connected Network Systems

The world’s first DVD programmed with the option of switching between 2D or 3D while playing.

  WCKW Baton Rouge, LA
KPIK Colorado Springs, CO
  Clients include ESPN, BRAVO, TBS, TNT, E!, Pizza Hut,Six Flags,Blue Man Group, ..more..   A DOOH Programmable Advertising Network (PAN)– West Hollywood.