Professional training for acting in film, television, and commercials.

Daniel has worked personally with actors appearing in all of the above projects

Film Training

Train to be a working actor in film 

Film acting is a very unique style of acting. There are different styles of acting just as there are different styles of music. Different styles of music require different uses of instruments.


TV Training

Train for TV shows and commercials

Television is a fantastic medium for actors of all ages. With the constant addition of channels and with shows of all varieties, actors are given incredible opportunities to work in television.


Theater to Film

Train to transition from stage to set

Making the transition from stage acting to film acting is not difficult. Prior theater and/or stage training has immeasurable lasting value. Learn how to adapt it for film.


Flyers of Events

Jill Nolde voted best actress 2018

 Jill Nolde WINNER Best Actress 2018 New Orleans 48hr Film Project The Vanishing FB

The winners were just announced a little over an hour ago and we are all fired up about Jill's recognition she received tonight for her role "Mom" in Alexander Salazar's "The Vanishing". Written by Tony Beard andAlexander Salazer and shot by DP David "Skinny" Tandy, who was also was the editor.


                   Full story coming soon....